The Loan charge has destroyed families around the world, ended marriages, disrupted the lives of children and tragically caused suicides.

It is a policy designed to circumvent long-standing tax legislation and to act as a fig leaf to cover HMRCs shambolic failures going back over 20 years.

The House of Lords, after a thorough review of the policy, called it ‘disturbing’ and commented:

“The criticisms levied at the loan charge included its retrospective nature and its failure to pursue taxpayers proportionately to their circumstances. HMRC is clearly prioritising recovery of back taxes over justice by targeting individuals, rather than promoters, so it can more easily recover liabilities. And they are trying to recover back taxes going back twenty years! There is a clear difference in culpability, for example, between deliberate and contrived tax avoidance by sophisticated, high-income individuals, and uninformed or naive decisions by unrepresented taxpayers.”

Over 200MPs have spoken out against the policy, National and International media have reported extensively on the inherent unfairness and damage the Loan Charge creates.


An All-Party Parliamentary group exists, a lobby group (LCAG) exists and there are thousands of people from around the world all together begging for an end to the daily torture of this retrospective and unjust policy.

HMRC and HMT were warned that the policy would be a disaster, they were asked, pleaded and eventually begged not to go ahead…yet they did and now they refuse to stop.

HMRC have been proven time and time again to manipulate statistics and spread, via the use of behavioural insight specialists, mistruths, misleading statements and outright lies.

Ministers past and present, namely Mel Stride and Jesse Norman, have shown a lack of sympathy which goes way beyond what should be allowed to happen and many find chilling.

When the 7th suicide was reported and a very well-respected MP asked  Mr Norman to comment the sickening response was to try and discredit the MP and shockingly, to argue over the number of suicides. It is clear to all that even 1 suicide was too many.


To justify such a policy with the defence that it is “only 3” as Mr Norman did is simply wrong and such behaviour must now be stopped.

This website, therefore, is to start the redress via legal justice. To ensure there are no more deaths caused by Minister and MPs lies, to seek justice for those that have departed and to ensure that the many thousands of affected people, currently living in their own personal hell, can once again have hope and happiness in the future.


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